Ute Spingler

Designer, concept artist, stylist

My first attempts at painting were when I was 2: I discovered my mother’s lipsticks and “painted” her dressing table mirror. The result must have been quite convincing because I was given my first finger paints.

Large-format visualisation of a room with windows and glass doors

Later, during my school days, I was fascinated by the flair of the Academy of Arts in Bremen (now the College of Arts – Hochschule der Künste) and I got my first taste of the studio atmosphere between huge canvasses on easels in the academy’s old buildings. It was my passion for art that led me to study fashion and graphic design in Bremen.

Graduation in fashion and graphic design

I studied illustration, screen printing and classical hot metal typesetting for 2 semesters at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Constantin Huygens in Kampen, Netherlands. I also spent a semester studying free drawing and printmaking at the Latvian Academy of Arts in Riga.

Following my graduation from the “Hochschule für Künste” in Bremen in graphic design (1994) and fashion design (1995), I worked as a freelance designer in the graphic and fashion design fields and as an illustrator.

Styling training

Photo shooting and composing for a book

In 1990 I completed an additional training course in style advice, with the emphasis on photo make-up, and traditional training as a colour, type and style consultant.

Art therapy and creativity training

Between 1997 and 2002 I took a part-time training course, qualifying in art therapy and kinesiatrics at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Art Therapy (“Institut für Interdisziplinäre Kunsttherapie (Psychodynamisch- prozessorientiert)”) in Hamburg. I chose the development of creativity training as the main focus for my course.

Corporate design

logo havelmond.film
I developed our company logo

A visual image for a company where all the aspects fit together: the graphic style used in the company’s business stationery and packaging should be in keeping with the interior design of its offices and the owner’s personal dress style if the desired image is to reach the outside world – especially in a corporate film.

In 1998 I met Heiner at a design workshop and we decided to work together. We started out as “Spingler + Schäfer Design GbR” and changed our name to “Design on Location” in 2004.


When Heiner and I discovered Tango Argentino, it was almost inevible that I would want to capture on paper the expressive movements of the tangueras and tangueros at international tango festivals. Most of the paintings have to be completed in the short time that a tango lasts: just 3 minutes! Some get the finishing touch later in my studio.

I have been painting
tango dancers live since 2002 and my tango pictures have been exhibited at numerous tango festivals and in galleries as well as on my blog tangoart.com.

Concept art at havelmond.film

Scene draft for an event

Starting with the desired atmosphere up to a detailed depiction of a scene, concept art can anticipate the look of a new film.