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Photo: Stefanie Chew
Photo: Stefanie Chew

Making a film is telling a story in pictures and sound. A film does not depict reality, a film rather resembles a dream or a memory. Scenes that are not necessarily connected in space and time are interwoven to complete the story.


In some cases, such as renovating a building or the development of a product, the story is in the future when we begin our work, so we can document the story as it evolves.

We need a different approach when the story to be told is in the past. If for instance you have developed a product, a service or a method over years, telling this story will reveal a lot about the qualities of your work. Now we have to pick the part of the story that best relates to the core quality of your product and find visual elements to tell it.


 Filming classical concerts or church services requires the camera operator to be extra silent and invisible
Filming classical concerts or church services requires the camera operator to be extra silent and invisible

You start by telling me everything about your project. In front of the camera. Don’t worry, things that aren’t meant to go public will be deleted. If something is missing, I will ask further questions. It has been shown again and again that telling things for the first time cannot be repeated. At some point you will probably make a core statement which we will make the topic of the film.

Another approach is to interview different protagonists in different places, e.g. members of your staff or customers of your company. When your topic has few visual elements, different speakers will add variety to your film.

After finishing the interviews we might want to go back to planning to find scenes that tell your story visually. The story line of images can underline the spoken word or it can evolve into a parallel plot.


A film finds its form in the editing suite. Images are connected to original audio notes and reordered, so the story is retold. For a rough cut I only require my laptop, so if you can spare some time and patience, we can view and assemble the material together. In the final edit we add more images, adjust transitions, colour correct, add ambient noise and music to make …

… your film, your story.

watch some examples >>>

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